Alaric first sketches.jpg

Alaric the scarred

Alaric belongs to the Rhitterheort clan, a family that have lived in the Wudelic Woods for centuries. They claim to have originated in this land, at times living in the woods, sometimes in the surrounding valleys. They claim to be the founders of the five villages surrounding Wudelic: Athelyn, Alnefirthe, Ethelas, Sacrisnax, and Wuldenor. 

Alaric was the first generation in centuries to abandon the woods and take residence in a village. His grandfather, Aldred the Hidden, came to the village when his father, Accenen, was a boy. His grandfather made an attempt to assert his claim over Athelyn and the surrounding land. His claim was heeded by the king, but not by other warlords in the area. Alaric's grandfather was challenged by these rivals and ultimately failed in his attempts to reassert his status as a king's retainer. Since then, people regard them as beggars, swindlers and uncouth people of the wilderness.